Let's Organize

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Proper organization means a great start!

Eteobcn has been organizing group trips, professional meetings and complete holiday packages in Barcelona and its surroundings, for many years now. Eteobcn makes every possible effort for the properalorganization and the logistics support of your events. You are guaranteed an amazing experience, so just relax and leave everything to us! Services provided: Vacation planning, transportation from and to the airport, hotel reservations, football matches, Formula 1 trips, flamenco experience, school trips.

The how to

Eteobcn provides a personal approach so that you won´t have to pay commission. Eteobcn will contact you to inform you about the available activities and suggest the ideal ones for you and your trip. Afterwards, you will receive a draft program that can be further adjusted to your needs. Our goal is to offer you one amazing experience that is aligned to your budget, your expectations and your travel style. Send us an email or complete the contact form and we will get back to you soon!